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Creation Health For the HOLIDAYS

Friday, Dec 13 5:30pm & Saturday, Dec 14 3PM

Richland Center Seventh-day Adventist Church, 26625 Crestview Dr, Richland Center, WI 53581

Creation Health for the Holidays

You are invited to participate in A Creation Health Event which includes topical presentations & whole food plant based cooking demonstrations.  The event will start on Friday, Dec 13th with Dr. Dale Sinnett presenting on the importance of the Choices we make, and will  end with a Richland CHIP Potluck / Whole Food, Plant based Holiday Dinner at 6pm.  See schedule below.

"...I have come that they may live life to the fullest." -John 10:10.

God offers abundant life to anyone who wants to be fully alive today and forevermore. The Greek word used for life is "zoe", which means the absolute fullness of life… genuine life… a life that is active, satisfying, and filled with joy.

This is why CREATION Health encompasses the whole person--mentally, physically, and spiritually-- with the eight universal principles of health. The CREATION Health Lifestyle has a long, proven history of wellness and longevity, world wide.

People just like you are making a few simple changes in their lives and living longer, fuller lives. They're not only staying healthy, but they're also able to do the things they love well into their later years.(Reference)

Creation Health stands for . . . 

C - Choice, R - Rest, E - Environment, A - Activity, T - Trust, I - Interpersonal relationships, O - Outlook, N - Nutrition

The Seminar Hostess is LeSuong Cina

Schedule of events 

Friday December 13, Beginning at 5:30pm

5:30 - Register & Refreshments
6:00 - Choice - Dr Dale Sinnett
6:30 - Rest - Francis Jordan
7:00 - Environment - Patricia Grimm
7:25 - Activity - Doreen Muhlenbeck
7:50 - Cooking Demonstration

Saturday December 14, Beginning at 3 pm

3:00 - Welcome
3:30 - Trust - Pastor Samuel Garbi
4:00 - Interpersonal Relationships - David Ababio
5:00 - Nutrition - Jon Syvertson
5:30 - Felowship, & setup for meal at 6pm
6:00 - Whole Food Plant based Holiday Dinner / CHIP Potluck



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